March 14, 2010

Just for all my American friends out there, I’ll write this one on the right-hand side of the page…

They all said I was crazy; the things I wished to do…

To take the stars down from the skies,

The wind from ‘neath the trees.

The hum right out of humming birds,

And steal gracefulness with ease…

But I said I wanted starlight,

I’d like a little breeze.

I like gentle, quiet music,

To sway to like the seas.

So I went al little mental,

And traveled on my own.

To fetch for me these little things,

And bring them right back home.

But voyaging alone like this,

I came to see the truth.

When you said: ‘Don’t go, I love you’

I should have taken it for sooth.

So I turned around to come to you,

With nothing in my hands.

No exotic gifts or presents,

From exciting, foreign lands.

The truth I see now, clear as day,

And I should have from the start.

Of all those things I was searching for;

You’re the work of art.

You have starlight in your eyes,

And wind blows in your hair.

Your laughter is a bird’s sweet call,

And gracefulness is there.

You are my devotion, my religion,

My thoughts and my desires.

You are the fuel that keeps me going,

And feeds my inner fires.


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