April 13, 2010

Dawn rises, dark night fleeing before the crowning sun. Deep greens bleed into the blackness that was once outside his window. A lone cockatoo screeches as it wakes.

He try to rise, but he knows that there is no reason. The room is a mess, he should really turn off the lights. He needs to eat, but the effort seems immense.

The quiet rumbling of the far-off highway starts to fill the air. The pristine silence retreats to dark corners to sulk until night falls again.

He rubs his eyes, hands catching on stubble. He should shave, go look for a job. Maybe tomorrow, when he’s more organised.

Clouds form overhead, towering ramparts glistening white against the sapphire sky. The sun is a glowing orb of fire high above the earth now, blackbirds cower under low shrubs to wait out the heat.

He sits inside musing on his life. Should I message her? Will she want to see me? His head is churning with unnecessary worries.

The sun sinks toward the horizon yet again, showering golden rays over the landscape. For a brief while the city glows with a radiance envied by painters worldwide.

He sits indoors, he should really go outside and get some air. Maybe take some photos. But the camera batteries aren’t charged. He lets the moment pass and goes back to his computer.

Darkness falls once again on the world, birds roost in the trees and flowers close to the cool night air. The streets go to sleep as people turn their lights off for the night.

He sits in the same place as he did many hours ago. He has barely moved for days. His worries have not progressed. He still wonders where he can get a job. And as tears silently roll down my cheeks, I think to myself; does she truly love me? Will she take me back?


One Response to “Cycle”

  1. swatinair said

    Painfully beautiful. I like the imagery, Nith. I think I’m going to be a regular reader here now onwards =)

    – Amie/Swati of the interesting dual names xD

    PS: My blag… no, blog:

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