June 13, 2010

Ok, because I haven’t been writing in a  little while, I’ll make it up to you all by making you dessert (or at least teaching you how).

Chocolate mousse (or moose, completely blunderbuss free):


-180 g dark chocolate
-4 eggs, seperated
-300 ml cream

-1 shot of liqueur


1. Melt your chocolate (microwave works well, just stir it every minute).
2. Whip the cream to stiff peaks.
3. When your chocolate is melted, mix in the egg yolks and your liqueur.
4. Whip the egg yolks to stiff peaks.
5. When the chocolate is cooled somewhat, fold in first the cream, then the egg whites.
6. Spoon into parfait glasses and chill for an hour. 🙂

So, your moose is done, and while you’re waiting for it to chill, you can view some of my pretty pictures!!!


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