1000 qestions decimated

July 1, 2010

Ok, I was instructed to steal this and fill it out by the ever-lovely creator (and as far as I know, continuer (continuist? (parenthesis))). of the blog: Widely Regarded as  Bad Move. Seeing as I haven’t made a post in a while, I decided to follow through.

So, here comes 100 useless questions…

1. last beverage = Jalna awesome yogurt drink. (if you haven’t had it, you haven’t lived)
2. last phone call = My dearest mother.
3. last text message = A lovely lady named Hayley; she needs to accept that she’s beautiful. 😛
4. last song you listened to = I’ve no idea, but it was probably something dodgy at work.
5. last time you cried =I don’t cry. Ever. (I’ve actually only cried once in the last 10 or so years, It’s really manly, but kind of annoying)
6. dated someone twice = No, they wouldn’t take me back. (I assume)
7. been cheated on = Not as far as I know.
8. kissed someone & regretted it = Only because it hurt them.
9. lost someone special = Yes.
10. been depressed = Yup.
11. been drunk and threw up = Yes, a few times. Once was from the mostly-raw BBQ though… :/
12. Octarine.
13. Orange. The kind which makes Spartans cry.
14. Green.
15. made a new friend = Yes. Out of clay and magic. He’s not so much a ‘friend’ as a ‘golem’. And not so much  a ‘he’ as an autonomous wrecking-ball.
16. made a new enemy = I only have one enemy, and he’s my arch-nemesis.
17. laughed until you cried = As previously stated, I don’t cry. But almost.
18. met someone who changed you = Yes.
19. found out who your true friends were = I always knew.
20. found out someone was talking about you = Of course, everyone talks about me.
21. kissed anyone on your friend’s list = No; I don’t have a friends list, and if I did I’d probably ask them to step off of it before kissing them.
22. how many people on your friends list do you know in real life (meatspace) = All of them, except the ones from other countries… And a few of the other Australian ones.
23. how many kids do you want to have = Probably only one (two at most).
24. do you have any pets = I have a Boxer dog named Bella.
25. do you want to change your name = No, but I am a little sore that my parents decided not to call me Peregrine.
26. what did you do for your last birthday = I’m fairly sure that I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary…
27. what time did you wake up today = about 2pm, that’s what you get when you have a bad sleep cycle.
28. what were you doing at midnight last night = Watching Doctor Horrible’s Sing-along Blog,
29. name something you CANNOT wait for = My HVL 58-am flash.
30. last time you saw your mother = Approximately 14 seconds ago (at time of writing).
31. what is one thing you wish you could change about your life = I would have a decent job. I’d like one of them.
32. what are you listening to right now = The sound of my keys tapping.
33. Have you ever talked to a guy called Tom? = Never! Actually, I have.
34. what’s getting on your nerves right now = My Mother’s inability to understand the concept of technology.
35. Most visited webpage= Facebook unfortunately. :/ Then probably Newgrounds.
36. whats your real name = Cameron.
37. nicknames= Bro.
38. relationship Status = Single and lonely (don’t message me unless I like you, or you’re awesome 😛 )
39. zodiac sign = Give Way
40. male or female? = I am male, I like females? O.o
41. elementary? = … dear Watson. Never actually said in Sherlock Holmes stories…
42. high School = Bendigo Senior Secondary College.
43. college = UTAS (wew, go Tasmania!!!!)
44. hair colour = Hair coloured
45. long or short = Long walks on the beach, short mini-skirts…
46. height = Somewhere between 6’1″ and 6’3″
47. do you have a crush on someone? I’d prefer to call it a healthy appreciation for their beauty and awesomeness…
48: what do you like about yourself? The fact that I am still alive. (well, most of the time)
49. piercings = None.
50. tattoos = Soon, when I get money and finalise my design.
51. righty or lefty = right
52. first surgery = Triple heart bypass. It’s amazing what they’ll let you do with a  lab coat. 😛
53. first piercing= Skin.
54. first REAL best friend= Daniel Frederick.
55. first sport you joined = Soccer, I was totally awesome.
56. first vacation= Somewhere in my imagination. I had an awesome childhood.
58. first pair of trainers = None I think. It was school shoes, boots, cons and then awesome traceur shoes.
59. eating = HuMAn FlEsH!!! @.o
60. drinking = BLOOOD!
62. listening to = Nothing. :/
63. waiting on = Myself to get a job.
64. want kids? Only if they have an off button.
65. get Married? With the right girl.
67. lips or eyes= Eyes.
68. hugs or kisses= Hugs.
69. shorter or taller= Just right?
70. older or younger = Not really fussed, as long as they’re awesome.
71. romantic or spontaneous = Romantically spontaneous.
72. nice stomach or nice arms = Arms, more specifically shoulders…
73. sensitive or loud = Both, as needed.
74. hook-up or relationship = Hook-up until the relationship comes.
75. trouble maker or hesitant = Trouble, for sure. xD
76. kissed a stranger = Yeah.
77. drank hard liquor = No, it was a liquid.
78. lost glasses/contacts = Not my own. :S
79. sex on first date = Not ON the first date. Before or after only.
80. broken someone’s heart = Probably not.
81. had your own heart broken = Not so much broken as ground into a pulp.
82. been arrested = Not arrested, just warned…
83. turned someone down = Accidentally in primary school… through a friend of theirs asking what I thought was a hypothetical question… :S
84. cried when someone died = Well, I assume last time I cried someone had died somewhere.
85. fallen for a friend? = Fallen over a friend too… One hurt more…
86. yourself = I believe I can do things I can do.
87. miracles = No.
88. love at first sight = Not love, many other things though.
89. heaven = Nope.
90. Santa Claus = No; he was made by coke… :/
91. kiss on the first date = Hell, if you’re both up for it first date doesn’t come into it!
92. angels = Only weeping ones.
94. had more than one girlfriend/boyfriend at a time? No.
95. did you sing today? Only a little.
96. ever cheated on somebody? Never.
97. if you could go back in time, how far would you go? Depends on how much stuff I could take with me…
98. if you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? I don’t remember that much of last year… :/ Maybe when I met my ex?
99. are you afraid of falling in love? No, I’ve done it enough to know not to be scared… 😦
100. posting this as 100 truths? Nope. I’m posting it as something random which I shall now think of…

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me! Ciao!


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