My manly day

August 9, 2010

Hey guys, here’s a fun game to play! highlight/circle the appropriate options to describe my day! I’ve made sure that no matter what you pick it should be rather accurate! šŸ˜›

Today I, Cameron/Manly man/Pecs McGee went outside to flex in the sun/chop some wood/build houses for orphans.Ā  It was hot work so I had to strip down and lube up/bend trees to make shade/take off my beanie.
After a few hours straining muscles/cutting wood/wrestling bears I stopped to have some tea/neck a bottle of scotch/divert a river.
Later I went home and made sweet love to women/dd 1000 push-ups/relaxed on the couch.

Well, that was my day. Tell me about yours sometime, best ones may get published! šŸ˜›


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