Procrastination assistance

August 11, 2010

Just’n case y’all need educatin’, Ah made ye a list o’ thems fancy-schmancy web comics ta read.

Starting off with the best one out there (if you haven’t seen any, you must be dead). A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language: XKCD

Next up is the often disturbing Cyanide and Happiness.

Now this one’s real comedy gold. For all the children of the 90’s it’s Super Effective!

Ok, showing my real nerd class here, this is for those people out there who’ve played DnD, Zelda, and read The sword of truth series. It’s Looking For Group.

From the depths of the XKCD forums (really, don’t go there unless you want to have overly-nerdy, overly-awesome discussion) it’s the omnicute Moo & Keo.
Anyway, I hope that they can entertain your bored minds for a while. Enjoy!


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