June 8, 2011

So, uh… yeah. I’m totally here and making posts again now…
Not that anyone will read them, but hey. XD

So the other day I poked a random pretty person on facebook and she turned out to be awesome AND my girlfriend for  the last however many times… So I promptly dumped her.

As to the rest of life: It’s basically full on, lots of sitting down really hard. Going to try fixing that though. Anyways, enjoy your lives random people of the interweb! Stay gorgeous (especially you). 😉


One Response to “WHOA! WAIT, WHAT?”

  1. Mobius said

    The dying post. Authors of blogs everywhere leave their blog to rest by posting once more in the key of continuity before forgetting it entirely. Irony is an appropriate tradition.

    R.I.P. miscellaneous author’s online content.

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