This is about me; the one who writes this blag, and draws the pretty pictures…

I live in a city called Bendigo (often referred to as B-town or Bendighetto). It is mostly brown, with some green, a little black and a whole lot of grey…
I like to use semi-colons (;) and triple sets of full-stops (…). If I try really hard, I can make Kirby appear… ( >`.` )>

Most of my life has been spent being nerdy, depressed, angsty, and generally pretty average. I do, however, like to spend some of my time being awesome.

Well, that’s about all I can be bothered providing you with. But if you want to know more then you can contact me by yelling really loudly, or leaving annoying comments and such!


One Response to “Aboot (and a shoe)”

  1. G said

    LOL, you made Kirby appear! awesome.

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