The end of a battle.

July 25, 2010

Tonight a great battle has ended. After long hours spent toiling and sweating, the sweet rewards have been reaped, and The winner has been picked.
I am, of course, talking about le Tour de France (surely you weren’t thinking of Masterchef)?

This has been such a  great year for the tour, 100 years of crossing the Pyrenees mountains, and apart from the many injuries, some great battles.
So many Australians competing this year, and as always, riding with their whole hearts.

All that we can hope for now is a good, clean sprint for the green jersey at the end (good luck to Cavendish, aiming to be the first to win two consecutive years on the Champs-Élysées).  And congratulations to Fabian Contador on his win. 🙂