Ok, here we go with the typing about things you may all be interested in…

I’ve spent alot of the last three days playing a game called Knytt Stories.

Knytt Stories is a platforming game largely, with graphics hardly contained within the genre of pixel art. There are only a few official levels, but because the game includes a level editor there are literally hundreds of fan-made levels out there. They range from mind-twistingly hard puzzles and mazes, to level with no enemies; showcasing the stunning tilesets and creating stunning ambiance.
You play as a character with no¬† ability to run climb or attack, and a deathly allergy to water. as you progress through levels you find ‘powerups’ which allow you to run, jump higher, double-jump, glide (using an umbrella nonetheless.)

Overall the game is stunning, and what’s more it’s free!
Make sure you download the latest version here, at the maker’s site. Feel free to comment and add your favourite levels, or if you like, your own levels.