June 13, 2010

Ok, because I haven’t been writing in a  little while, I’ll make it up to you all by making you dessert (or at least teaching you how).

Chocolate mousse (or moose, completely blunderbuss free):


-180 g dark chocolate
-4 eggs, seperated
-300 ml cream

-1 shot of liqueur


1. Melt your chocolate (microwave works well, just stir it every minute).
2. Whip the cream to stiff peaks.
3. When your chocolate is melted, mix in the egg yolks and your liqueur.
4. Whip the egg yolks to stiff peaks.
5. When the chocolate is cooled somewhat, fold in first the cream, then the egg whites.
6. Spoon into parfait glasses and chill for an hour. 🙂

So, your moose is done, and while you’re waiting for it to chill, you can view some of my pretty pictures!!!



December 8, 2009

Hey there, I’m the me from yesterday; where it’s still international pretend to be a time traveler day!

I won’t bore you with what I’m going to have done for the rest of my evening; because it hasn’t happened yet. Although I do plan to have bought a nice new pocket knife, which was pleasing. I also went to climbing where I will get so tired that I can’t undo my shoes right now…

Then, just after breakfast, I figured I’ll get very tired and wrote a non-sensical post on my blag.

Hello, I think I may have been going crazy soon.

Study via osmosis

December 7, 2009

Here’s a fantastic strategy which has gotten me all through school; and can help you achieve passing grades! 😛 The strategy is called ‘study via osmosis’ and is actually used by many people naturally (although not to so great an effect).

There are a few steps you need to employ to ensure that the process goes smoothly. These are:

1. Remove all material related to the topic you must study from where you spend your time. This means no text books in your loungeroom, and definitely nothing near your bed.
2. Try to avoid all contact with people likely to talk about the subject. No lectures, tutes or study sessions allowed!

The purpose of avoiding the subject matter you want to learn is so that your brain has a low concentration of intelligence particles. This facilitates you to make the best use of the last phase.

3. Right before exams, move to an area where there are many people studying the subject, the more the better.
4. Relax.

What happens is, that as you relax in the area where people are studying the subject, intelligence particles move from the area of high concentration into your brain (which has a low concentration due to you removing contamination particles earlier). through the process of osmosis.

After spending a decent amount of time to allow the osmosis to take place, you can now go and get your at-least average mark on that exam! 🙂

A little light reading.

December 6, 2009

Whilst rummaging through the cosmic rubbish bin which we like to call ‘the interwebz’ I found a remarkable little website with some interesting literature.
I have been back to the site a few times now, and it’s hard to stop reading once you start…

Take a look and dive into the depths of chaotic mathematics.