June 8, 2011

So, uh… yeah. I’m totally here and making posts again now…
Not that anyone will read them, but hey. XD

So the other day I poked a random pretty person on facebook and she turned out to be awesome AND my girlfriend for  the last however many times… So I promptly dumped her.

As to the rest of life: It’s basically full on, lots of sitting down really hard. Going to try fixing that though. Anyways, enjoy your lives random people of the interweb! Stay gorgeous (especially you). 😉


Reaching for spring

A chill breeze breaks the warmth of the new spring sun; fresh leaves shivering as they reach to soak in the light. A tall gum tree waves lazily, dark leaves contrasting against it’s silver bark. Blackbirds dance through the undergrowth, sending crushed leaves scuttering across the damp ground.

Spring has come to the garden, and although still cold, life is awake. Blossom blooms, and buds sprout. All seems right in the world.

Stuck in winter

The sun warms my flesh, but inside I am cold. My desires frozen in chill agony. Shivers wrack my body as if I had been plunged into icy water, a pool of crystal agony. Yet I cannot feel my hands, my body moves without thought. I am numb; yet still, I feel the pain.

My sunshine has gone, and I fear it will never return. The silver lining of the cloud only serves to cut like a knife. All I had has been washed away, the flood of emotion rendering my life and soul prostrate; shivering and alone in the desolate tundra that is my mind.