So, while perusing one of my favoured forums (sneakily hidden behind the xkcd site) I made a lovely post in a thread where you post a description of the previous poster’s requested action, I was lucky enough to get a ‘RESTART’ and ran with it:

You feel something wet on your face as you come back to consciousness. Everything is dark, and you start to panic; sitting bolt upright you flail your arms around you before realising that your eyes are still closed.
As slits of light open in front of you, you feel a sharp pain in the back of your head, but this is soon forgotten as you look at the view sprawled before you.

Green fields of tall swaying grass gently rustle in the wind, The sussuruss of tall oak and elm trees gently caresses your ears. You gaze in wonderment as the soft light of an early dawn plays, gamboling, over a small chuckling stream. You stand, taking a few steps forward, dew lightly brushing onto your bare feet, the loam underneath providing a soft cushion for your weary legs.

Spinning around you see birds flitting through the air; small wrens with bright colours singing into the cool morning air. You decide to run to the stream; it’s farther than it looks, but as you arrive you realise you are only a little warmer. Bending down to peer into the crystal clear water, you see small fish darting from behind smooth rocks. You trail your fingers through the freezing liquid, and drops fall from your cupped hands like diamonds. as you raise the water to your lips, you are violently slain by a grue.


Unfortunately, someone beat me to the post, and I was ninja’d out of my brilliant post… but it can go to some use here as a rather-short short story.